Bose TV Speaker- Small Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI

The Bose tv speaker, our choice for the best overall cheap soundbar, as far as cheap soundbars go the Bose tv speaker is going to be one of the best for sound quality and looks pretty nice too, it has a low profile that measures around 23 inches wide and in just over 2 inches in height and neatly sits in front of your tv without blocking the screen

a wraparound perforated metal grille is sandwiched between the top and bottom surfaces giving it a sophisticated premium vibe and the matte black aesthetic blends into the background well so it doesn’t create a distraction

setting up the speaker is as easy as connecting it to your tv using the included optical cable or your own HDMI cable and plugging the power cord into the wall outlet

the tv speaker automatically detects which connection you’ve chosen to use so there’s no need to select the right input

there are no physical controls on the soundbar at all just two led indicators on the front left corner to tell you when the speaker is muted or using Bluetooth

with Bluetooth compatibility, you can wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcast which is a great feature even for a cheap soundbar

there’s no Dolby Atmos no dtsx or simulated surround but you do get the excellent two-channel stereo sound that makes watching tv far more enjoyable

Bose TV Speaker- Small Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI- perfect search

there’s a special dialogue mode on the remote that enhances speech so you can hear and understand every word more clearly

if you like bass there’s also a bass button on the remote to give you extra depth to your movies

if at some point you want to add a sub there’s a dedicated subwoofer output that can be used to connect a Bose, bass module 500or 700 to boost the overall low end of the system

if you’re looking for a way to improve your tv sound that’s easy to set up use and won’t empty your wallet the Bose tv speaker would be a very good choice for you

especially with some great added features that are usually found on more expensive soundbars

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