Dell XPS 17 9710, 17 inch UHD+ Touchscreen

colossal power endless possibilities made the new dell XPS 9710a premium design laptop that offers power portability and craftsmanship to check all the boxes that a MacBook offers

This laptop has a gorgeous looking 17inch 16 by 10 display that you can configure either with an fhd plus panel or you can go for the UHD plus display for getting super crisp and vibrant colors unlike the mac book this laptop has no chunky bezels and looks just fabulous when working or playing games

Dell XPS 17 9710, 17 inch UHD+ Touchscreen – perfect search
Dell XPS 17 9710, 17 inch UHD+ Touchscreen – perfect search

This year it’s got the latest 11th gen up to Core i9 CPU a 70 watt RTX 3060 graphic sup to 64-gigabyte ram and 2 terabyte SSD to smoothly manage all the demanding apps this 17-inch variant is a better choice than any other XPS because it features a massive vapor chamber that extends across the entire width of the laptop to keep the laptop cool and achieve higher turbo power as a 17-inch laptop the 2.42 kilograms of weight is understandable as it also packs a 97-watt hour battery to make you productive all day long overall if you are a content creator want to play some games and need portability then the XPS 9710can be considered as a mac book pro m1variant alternative

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