Google Pixel 4a, 128 GB of Storage, Up to 24 Hour Battery, Black , New Unlocked Android Smartphone

The google pixel 4aalso known as the best value android smartphone that can be found on the market in 2021

Now pixel 3a was good it was cheap and it worked well but pixel 4a is a completely different beast it’s certainly still affordable but it doesn’t look feel or act like a cheaper phone

Which is a big deal this new model only comes in one size featuring a compact 5.8-inch screen the device features shifted frames as well as a perforated front camera while the top speaker is on the narrow edge that accompanies the speaker at the base of the phone for those who want that old connection there is a three and a half milli meter headphone jack with powerful stereo output

Google used an o led panel of excellent quality that offers deep ink black and plenty of vibrancy in vivid colors you can choose from several preset colors to display customizable natural enhanced adaptive this is a great screen and is packaged in full hd plus resolution and works at443 pixels per inch offering plenty of detail

This screen also supports hdr so it’ll help your netflix content to shine the google pixel 4a comes with the QUALCOMM snapdragon 730ga component slightly below what is packed in high-end phones these days but still a step up from 600 series hardware on the pixel 3a there’s a 12.2 mega pixel main camera on the back the same one you’ll find on the pixel

The camera delivers great photos in virtually any environment daylight shooting offers excellent handling of hdr scenarios removing shadows and combating overexposure in bright conditions the same goes for the front camera which has full access to night sight mode for low lights hots which means

That you can get useful selfies in almost all situations one thing we especially like is the hdr live view this shows you what the hdr result will be in the viewfinder

Where many phones simply show you those results after you take a photo video recording increases to 4k at 30frames per second with efficient stabilization to keep that beautiful and smooth video in motion if you go down to full hd it’ll be available at 60fpsanother great advantage of choosing a pixel phone over other rivals is that you are primarily in line to update android software for the listed price you can’t beat this guy

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