Samsung A52 SM-A525M

Over the past couple of years Samsung has been continually upping their cell phone game to not just compete with the likes of the rival apple but have also been able to practically blast past other android phones on the market so as to assert themselves as the leader in all things high-end cell phone tech and who can blame them

The Samsung  flagship line-up has been showing off huge scale  numbers with stuff like 108 megapixel cameras  16 gigabytes of ram octa core processors and one  terabyte of storage space making these phones from  Samsung practically like carrying around a literal  computer in your pocket and while the likes of the  names like the Samsung note line the s line and  now fold line being thrown around for quite some  time now due to their obviously superior specs in  comparison to well basically every other android  phone on the market

The biggest drawback has been  the price point because let’s face it with your  flagship phones you’re gonna be seeing price  tags racking up well into the thousand dollar  price point and as recently as with the zfo2  you’re going to be shelling out nearly 2,000 for their larger storage space offerings  so that kind of begs the question is there even  any Samsung phones that are able to have that  meet in the middle moment with both being able to  have the high end specs of their high-end phones  

Samsung A52 SM-A525MDS, 4G LTE, International Version (No US Warranty), Awesome Black – Unlocked (GSM Only Not Compatible with VerizonSprint) perfect search

But still be reasonably priced and not break your bank and the answer to that is yes because thanks to the Samsung galaxy a52 you can really now have the best of both worlds for starters the a52 does come in a super reasonable price point of 410 dollars for their 128-gigabyte model which only goes up an extra 100 or so to about 540 dollars for their highest gigabyte storage of 256.  

This will give you plenty of space to be able to hold all your music documents and even pictures or videos that you take throughout your daily life and speaking of the camera you will honestly be thoroughly surprised to know that Samsung has not skimped out on giving you their fantastic smartphone camera which can be found on many of their other flagship devices

The Samsung galaxy  a52 does come with a full line up of four back  cameras that offer brilliant snaps every time you  take a picture or video the main camera is a 64  megapixel wide lens with a 12 megapixel ultra-wide  and two 5 megapixel lenses for both macro and  depth shots you’re going to be getting some of  the most crystal clear and professional style  photos that you’ve ever seen not to mention  that the front camera itself does come in a  whopping 32 megapixels for that same crystal  clear look on your selfies plus the fact that  both cameras can shoot at a constant 4k 30fps  gives your videos that cinema style look and feel 

Every time you pull out your camera under the hood  as previously mentioned you’re either going  to get a 128 or 256 gigabyte storage option  with three iterations of ram at either four  six or eight gigabytes giving the chance to  pick how much speed you need for your daily needs  and topping it off as well you’ll be getting an  octocore snapdragon 720g chip that is blazing  fast and can handle many applications at once  to begin with the most optimal experience that  a budget phone like this does have to offer  now in terms of the overall look of the phone  on the screen it comes with a super a moled 90  hertz refresh rate a pixel per inch count of 407  all wrapped up in a stunning 1080 by 2400 display  and that basically makes every picture and every  video the chance to stand out and have every color  pop giving completely unparalleled clarity

Samsung A52 SM-A525MDS, 4G LTE, International Version (No US Warranty), Awesome Black – Unlocked (GSM Only NotCompatible with VerizonSprint) perfect search

Which makes the budget phone really stand out from the competition which at this point is far behind it oh and something that has been missing on a lot of the phones these days has been a 3.5-millimetre headset jack because of the favour towards more of the newer Bluetooth headsets which have been coming out in recent years well old school music lovers rejoice as the e52 does still sport one along with 5.0 Bluetooth so you can either rock out old school or new school no matter

What  your preference is plus the a52 has a solid  battery life thanks to its 4500 milliamp capacity  which is quite a nice touch on a phone like this  considering that you would think Samsung would  scale it back on a budget phone of this kind  but not in the slightest they have not only stuck  with big battery space but have also decided to  keep the usb charging port old with an older model  of port namely the 2.0 along with no wireless  charging capabilities and a standard charging  speed meaning that you’re gonna not get that  super-fast charging that many of us are used to  on the high-end phones

overall the Samsung galaxy  a52 is a fantastic budget phone that is going to  be able to give you that fantastic middle ground  that so many people are craving when looking  for something that’s going to give them that  feel of a big time phone but without the big time  Benjamin’s also if you enjoyed this video review  please make sure to give us a big thumbs up as  well as subscribe to our channel to see more  product views like this along with dinging that  notification bell so you’re always kept up to  date on the latest and greatest stuff we put out  there until next time guys we’ll see you later

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