SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G

We’ll kick things off with the Samsung galaxy s20 fe the best budget Samsung phone available on the market in 2021

What stands out about this fella is the high-quality screen typically associated with more expensive models it packs a refresh rate of 120hertza sharp image and a cool vibe

This model also comes with a fingerprint reader built into the screen and uses an optical sensor rather than an ultra-sonic sensor like the s20 and note 20 ultra

The device offers great performance under any circumstances at the level of the best phones available in the Samsung catalog and even surpassing thes20 note 20 and other models with the xenos 990 chip lp ddr5 ram and ufs 3.1 storage help make this fella fast along with the use of sleek consistent and optimized software

The battery power of the s20 fe is also quite good with 4500 mah the device can easily with stand a day and a half of use reaching six or up to seven hours of on-screen time when charging you have the option of fast charging at 25 volts and this time Samsung has not forgotten about wireless charging at 15 volts something that is not too common at devices

At this price range the system that guides the rear camera of thes20 fe is not much different from that of the regular galaxy 20. again, we find ourselves with the same main sensor with are solution of 12 megapixels along with an ultra-wide angle of 8 megapixels the main difference is in the inclusion of the telephoto sensor which is missing in the s20 and s20 plus

Which offers us typical optical zoom and digital zoom up to 30.all sensors deliver a great result in most scenes and situations one of the things we don’t find with this phone compared to other s20 series models is the ability to record video in8k resolution instead we’re limited to recording 4kvideo at 60 fps more than enough for most situations and superior image quality compared to the standard s20 for the listed price we are thoroughly impressed

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