The Pixel 6 – the first phone to use Google’s new Tensor SOC

surprise google has some unexpected news to share today and it’s been long in the making the company just announced that not only is the pixel 6 coming this fall but it will also feature the first-ever system on a chip designed by google

The chip is called tensor named after the company’s open-source platform for machine learning and that should tell you just how big a role ai plays in this processor now we’ve heard rumors about google’s efforts to make its own mobile processor for a while under the purported codename project white chapel

While the company doesn’t discuss code names head of hardware rick osterlo  did tell me that they’ve been at this for about five years through google isn’t ready to share the full details about 10 searches yet australo did explain that the soc is an arm chip designed around a tpu or tensor processing unit

the mobile chip was co-designed with google’s ai researchers and the tpu is based on their larger versions in the company’s data centers it’s not just designed to make machine learning tasks run better on your phone either australo said they’ve also redesigned the image signal processor or isp allowing them to do special processing of images specifically he said there are a few points in the isp where we can actually insert image processing which is new

so, what can tensor enable that other mobile processor couldn’t google saving some of that information for the pixel 6’s launch in the fall but the company did offer two examples of areas that would see dramatic improvement photography and voice recognition and processing at a demo in NewYork, australo showed off some of these on the new pixel sixes

The Pixel 6 – the first phone to use Google’s new Tensor SOC- perfect search

unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos or videos of I can tell you that there will be two lines pixel 6 and 6 pro they looked basically like the leaked renders we’ve seen except shinier sins you know in person they’re three-dimensional and light reflected off of what looked like glass frames the new phones feature a distinctive new look and bright color options both the pixel 6 and 6 pro come in three colors at least based on

what I saw i love the peachy pastel versional though there’s also one that’s mostly black for those who prefer something less flashy they also have a horizontal camera bump that spans the width of the rear and this will ensure the phone itself doesn’t wobble from side to side when you lay the phone on a table yes there’s still a slope because of the bump

but it’s not uneven like on say galaxy or I phone more importantly google’s upgraded the cameras themselves it’s not sharing specific megapixel or sensor size information just yet but did say that these will be sharper and larger sensors than before australo said the pixel 6’s main camera will let in about 150 percent more light than previous pixels there’s also an additional ultra-white lens for both pixel 6 models and the pro gets an extra telephoto option as well that offers four times optical zoom

so there are actual camera hardware improvements but the pixel 6s promise better photography overall thanks to tensor with it google can do things like concurrently capture images from two sensors at different exposures while also running various machine learning models to figure out things like whether there’s a phase and is the device moving or shaking

then the pixel 6 will combine all that information to process photos and improve or prevent blurry shots of hyperactive subjects’ tensor will also let google perform computationally intensive tasks while you’re shooting video australo said that in the past a company hasn’t been able to apply a lot of machine learning to video since it would be too taxing for a phone processor

but that all changes with tensor he said one thing they’ve been able to do is run an hdr net model on videos which drastically improves quality in tricky situations like shooting a scene where the camera is pointing at the sun while google’s demos did look effective i, unfortunately, can’t show you the results or talk about them without skepticism

these are after all control demos by google I can only really gauge how impressive and useful these features will be when we do get review units to test out in the real world i did get to see a more telling preview though in gboard on the pixel 6 you’ll be able to hit the microphone button in the compose field narrate your message and then say hot words like sen or clear to trigger those actions

you can also edit typos via the on-screen keyboard while the mic is still listening for your dictation I was impressed that the system was smart enough to understand tone and delivery to distinguish between when you’re saying send in a sentence like i will send the kids to school versus when you’re using it to trigger an action and saying sen

finally, there are a couple more things that Australia showed me live caption with translate as well as material UI on android 12. thanks to tensor android’s live caption feature which provides subtitles for anything playing through your device’s sound system will be able to concurrently translate what’s being said as well this all happens on-device so the next time you’re watching a foreign language ted talk or your favorite international tv show and it doesn’t have subtitles it won’t mattertens or will provide as for material ui the color-changing interface which google unveiled at I o this year it’s still not in the android 12 public beta but it was on the pixel sixes at the demo

we’ve seen a lot about this so the one thing I learned that we haven’t already heard about is that if you’re like me and you prefer our icons to keep their original colors you can opt to leave them untouched we’ve gotten a really good look at what’s coming in the fall through google is still keeping plenty of details under wraps we still don’t know if it plans to share if it had helped from other manufacturers in coming up with this chip though it did emphasize that this is a google designed soc details about CPU and GPU cores clock speeds and other components will be shared later this year

I guess after all the waiting we’ve done to get official info about tensor we still have a little bit more waiting to do for now at least we know google’s own soc is real it’s coming in the pixel 6 and it will be focused on ai

 hopefully that’ll tide you over until the launch this fall or at least until the next leak in the meantime you can get more updates on google tens or apple silicon pixel phones I phones galaxy phones and more by twin gadgets so stay tuned perfect search blog page as always thank you for reading you

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